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Conference of the Birds

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022 at 7pm

Conference of the Birds is an evening-length multi-media movement theater work inspired by the epic poem of Farid Ud din Attar, and embodying modern-day stories of migration.
Attar’s The Conference of the Birds is a tale of a group of birds that set off in search of the mythical being, the Simurgh.  Many of the birds abandon the quest. When the remaining birds arrive in the land of the Simurgh, they find themselves reflected – they are the Simurgh.
Created by a team of artists from ten countries and five continents, ANIKAYA’s Conference of the Birds takes Attar’s original Persian poem and tells the story of our times through it – a story of migration, of finding our way, of finding community through and in our struggles. The performance asks a question that is both timely and timeless – how can we be different together? – and it proposes an answer in the bodies of the dancers, in the layering of voices, narratives and imagery.
“a new contemporary language – muscular, luxuriously weighted and full-bodied, chockfull of gestural flourishes, and kinetically courageous.”
– Karen Campbell, The Boston Globe


Tickets range from $5 - $30