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David Dorfman Dance -POSTPONED

Wednesday, April 6th, 2022 at 7pm

In 1987, David Dorfman founded David Dorfman Dance (DDD) with the intention of creating politically and socially relevant dance work. Now, 30 years later, David has become a mentor and inspiration to a new generation of dancers and choreographers while continuing his lifelong mission of kinetic diplomacy. Creating works that hit at heart of the human condition while radiating joy from our collective humanity, to experience a David Dorfman Dance performance is to witness a belief and lifelong dedication to the resilience of community and the human spirit. 
(A)Way Out of My Body uses “out of body” experience as a metaphor for our times and our body politic. Dancers propel themselves through space and time, attempting to pass the barrier of reality and plight into the realm of positivity and growth. This collective story of searching for personal “truths” among fantastical sensations is seen through breath-taking lighting and visual design by the brilliant theater maker Andrew Schneider, highlighting the otherworldly-ness of our dreams, desires, our every day, and new worlds awaiting us. The performances feature a four-person band, performing music written specifically for the piece. “I believe in the healing power of art—and dance in particular. I see the body as a political and emotional force. I love using mine as an expressive power,” states Dorfman. (A)Way Out of My Body, which had its premiere in February 2020 at Connecticut College, represents a new era for the company as it enters its 4th decade of making dances. Always lauded as making “full throttle, big-hearted” choreography, 63-year old David Dorfman sets out to make his most personal work yet.
“…[Dorfman] has never shied away from openhearted explorations of self and society, channeling big ideas into raw hyper-athletic movement that calls for go-for-broke dancers.” – The New York Times

Tickets range from $5 - $30